Cousins Wedding

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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My Cousin’s wedding

The wedding was celebrated in Digos City. The bride’s gown was so fabulous. The top of the gown was decorated with beads and stones. The back part was held tight with a ribbon string. The bottom of the gown was layered with laces. Under the gown was a petticoat. On top of her veil above her hair was a silver crown. The valley between her breast part was tagged with a silver brooch. The bridal bouquet was made of white petals and within the center lay a white rose. Green ribbons were formed within the petals to make accent. The top of the bride’s shoes were decorated with jade stones. The groom also wore a white tuxedo. At the front of the neckline was a green tie. The portion below the collar and the sides of the button holes were decorated with green beads. Under the tuxedo was a white polo. In the right arm of the groom was a green watch. Just inside his pocket was also a light green hanky.

The wedding ceremony was conducted inside the INC Church. The left and right side of the aisle was decorated with white ribbons and white flowers. The groom waited for the bride in front of the aisle. Female visitors were seated in the left side while the male visitors were on the right side of the aisle. The choir were seated in front of an elevated platform. The minister who administered the wedding stood at the front. The ceremony started with the marching of the entourage with the flower girls and brides maids who took place the right side and the groomsmen and the ring bearer on the left side with the minister in between facing the crowd. The bride marched next to the flower girls with her father beside her. The church was surrounded with photographers with their camera and props within reach. It was a solemn ceremony inside the church and a festive mood on the outside. Little kids were around the place with pretty dress and ribbons on their heads. After the wedding, green balloons were freed to fly beyond the sky.

The reception...
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