Cousin Kate and the Seduction

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  • Published : January 4, 2011
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Cousin Kate and The Seduction.

In the following piece of coursework, I will compare and pick out the similarities and differences between the two poems. But first I am going to write a short repot of the two poems, to make my comparison easier to understand for the reader.

Cousin Kate

She was an innocent pretty young girl, that lived in a cottage with her friends, she was confused why a rich man loved her and fell for her, she was confused why he complimented her, because he was such a success and she was just a poor girl.

He took her into his home, she loved him so much she had sex with him, but he only used her as his plaything and once he had used her I don't think he wanted her any longer. So she obviously didn't mean as much to him as he made out.

Then as soon as he seen her Cousin Kate he moved on to her, she was more beautiful, so he chose her, then the girl was then an outcast. It seems because she wouldn’t sleep with him, he married her, and then everybody thought of Cousin Kate as a good, pure girl, and looked at the girl almost as a disappointment. Now Cousin Kate has everything she could ask for, while the girl had nothing but a baby that was undesired. I she explains how she actually did love the man, but I think she's is stating that her Cousin Kate doesn’t love him and that she was just marrying him for his money.

I think she thinks that her son, is better than anything that he had ever given Cousin Kate, even better than her wedding ring and all her clothes, and now he has a son, his son, so now she got something to keep a hold on him, to keep him close.

The Seduction

I personally think that the first two lines of 'The Seduction' poem, instantly makes the reader think that the male mentioned is a user and is taking advantage of the female as it seems she had been drinking at the party they previously left, as it explains “He led her” I think this implies that she had to be taken, as if she couldn't get there by her own...
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