Cousin Kate Analysis

Topics: Question, Love, Family Pages: 3 (1147 words) Published: June 14, 2012
            From the beginning of the poem you can see the cottage maiden was in love with the Lord she calls him ‘a great Lord’ and asks herself ‘Why did a great Lord find me out to fill my heart with care?’ She’s admitting he filled her heart with care, but by asking why, she’s saying he hurt her. She also says ‘O cousin Kate my love was true.’  Here she’s expressing her sadness and the feeling of betrayal she has for her cousin she also says ‘If you stood where I stand, I would have spat into his face, and not taken his hand’ She’s telling her cousin she’d never have done it to her, she’d have told him to go away regardless of his money and status. I believe she’s trying to tell her cousin she would have loved her enough not do gone with him and her love for her was more than that of riches and wealth.             The cottage maiden portrays the Lord as a horrible man who picks her up and drops her when he feels like, she uses the similes ‘He wore me like a silken knot’ and ‘He changed me like a glove’ this represents her feeling of a disregarded item of clothing. In my opinion I think the cottage maiden feels as though she has been tricked by the Lord by his wealth and title and that he has abused the privileges he has to get her into bed. The cottage maiden also expresses sadness at what she might have been had he not disgraced her ‘might have been a dove.’  She uses the image of a dove in order to emphasize her innocence.             The last two verses of the poem change in mood, the beginning of the poem she is bitter about the way her cousin Kate and the Lord treated her, the last two verses however focus on the one thing that she has that he can never have with her cousin Kate a child, and how proud she is of it. ‘Your father would give all his lands for one’ In those times a son and heir was probably the most important thing to a man, especially a Lord.  She also says of her son ‘My fair-haired son, my shame, my pride.’ This contrast represents the...
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