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Courtroom Workgroups

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Courtroom workgroups

Courtroom workgroups

During trial there are ten basic roles associated with the courtroom. They are the judge, witness, prosecutor, the jury, clerk of court, court reporter, bailiff, defendant, defense counsel, and spectators or press. These roles make up the courtroom work group. All of these roles together help ensure the procedures of the criminal justice systems are being followed and carried out. The courtroom work group has to work together to ensure all procedures are being followed and ensure the rights and safety of those in the courtroom. Each role in the courtroom communicates to each other to offer plea bargains, choose jurors, get witnesses called to testify, and review evidence. The role of the prosecutor is to represent the government or interests of the community in a criminal trial. The codes and standards that are in place are the duty to seek justice above the importance of obtaining a conviction. The prosecutor is responsible for proving the accused of legal guilt. The prosecutor determines which case to take to trial based on the quality of the evidence and the facts of the case. If the criteria for taking a case were less stringent, then anyone could be taken to trial and proven guilty based on the color of their clothing or skin. If the criteria were more stringent, it would make everyone involved jobs a lot harder to charge the person that actually committed the crime. Making changes to the courtroom work group is a good idea. Although, everyone is a key player, removing one of them could put a lot of people in harm’s way, wrongfully imprisoned, and make biased decisions. I would recommend that those that have never been a witness in a trial or that have never participated in courtroom proceedings, that the courtroom operations be explained to them so they would know what to expect.

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