Courtroom Players Response

Topics: Jury, Judge, Prosecutor Pages: 1 (265 words) Published: February 12, 2012
The courtroom work group consists of the professional courtroom actors, judges, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, and others who make a living serving the court. The courtroom work group interact by implicit recognition of informal rules of civility, cooperation, and shared goals they are dedicated to bringing the procedure to a successful close on a daily bases. The role of the prosecutor is to conduct criminal proceedings on behalf of the state or the people against those accused of having committed offenses. The prosecutor may pursue a case based on the report sent in from the police the prosecutor also analyzes the case and determine if it’s legally sound and won’t get thrown out of court, they also analyze the case to see if the accuser’s constitutional rights weren’t violated and check to make sure that there weren’t any destruction of evidence. If the criteria for taking a case would be more stringent then prosecutors would have a harder prosecuting a case because there probably would be more judicial guidelines to move on with a case. If the criteria would be less stringent then prosecutors would send any and everybody to jail because the guidelines to prosecute someone will be just because the prosecutors said so which will make all cases unfair. The only recommendation that I would make to the courtroom work group will be to include the jurors in on being a part of that workgroup only because they are the most important piece in a trial, everything is all upon their decision with the defendant on trial.
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