Courtroom Paper

Topics: Jury, Judge, Trial Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: May 12, 2011
The Courtroom
The courtroom is where some very important decisions are made and in some cases it is where someone’s life is determined in the blink of an eye. When a criminal is arrested that does not mean that they are thrown in jail and that is it they have to go through a process after they get to jail and that process is time consuming and can costs millions of dollars and also involves many people. The Jurors Jury selection is something that is not like any other job and an advertisement is not but in the paper and people apply it is something that people are summoned to and is a mandatory job and if you do not show up you can get a misdemeanor on your record and/or do jail time for not showing up. Being a juror is something that often goes unappreciated but very demanding but also is a very critical part of any court proceedings and is one of the central roles in the legal system. In the past jurors were expected to uphold the law and weigh the facts in a case but in modern day cases jurors are only expected to know the facts. Jurors are required to give their undivided attention to the proceedings and must listen to the judge, witnesses, attorneys and anyone else that may say something in court that is pertinent to the case. Jurors must consider the evidence presented and make good and unbiased decisions based on the evidence and facts presented in court. The outcome of the case in extremely important to everyone that is involved so jurors cannot let television, radio, newspapers, or other publicity concerning the case influence their decision. The verdict must be based solely on the evidence and facts presented during the trial. The Defendant You can become a defendant and not even want to because you can suspected, charged, or tried for a crime you say did not commit or also sued civilly. As the old saying goes “everyone is innocent until...
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