Court Observation Report

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Court Observation Report
Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court

The Crown Court was created by Courts Act 1971. The Crown Court of England and Wales is one of the constituent parts of the Senior Courts of England and Wales. It is the higher court of first instance in criminal cases. However, for some purposes the crown court is hierarchically subordinate to the High Court and its divisional Courts. The Crown Court also hears appeals against conviction and sentence from those convicted in the magistrates court. Appeals are usually heard by a circuit judge and two magistrates. The Crown Court also sentences defendants who have been committed for sentencing by magistrates, after having been summarily convicted of an either-way offence. There are 77 Crown Court centres of three types: first tier centres are visited by High Court judges for serious Crown Court work and High Court civil business. High court judges deal with the most serious offences here. Second tier centres are visited by High Court judges, circuit judges and recorders for Crown Court criminal cases only. Third tier centres are not normally visited by a High Court judge. Circuit judges and recorders deal with criminal cases. At least two presiding High Court judges are appointed to each circuit and help to organise judicial deployment in the Crown Court. As part of a modernization programme the Crown court has been linked to prison service video conferencing facilities so that prisoners can appear from secure conditions in preliminary hearings without having to be transported to court. Another part of the program is the installation of the EXIBIT which allows all trial participants to track the progress of a case through modern technology. Kingston – upon – Thames Crown Court is situated in a Penrhyn Road. It is the building hard to miss. It has 4 floors with a twelve court rooms in total. You need to go through security check, and then you are inside. There is a reception situated on the ground...
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