Court Issues Analysis

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Criminal law Pages: 4 (1269 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Court Issues Analysis
Harun Williams
January 23, 2013
Frank Juarez

Court Issues Analysis

In discussions regarding court system issues, most tend to forget that crimes would not happen if there were proper societal values in place and those values were enforced. Society has shifted from a culture of marriage, family values and strong familiar bonds to a culture that cultivates a staggering divorce rate, single mothers with many children born out of wedlock with little to no income. A culture that is has no patriarchal figure to lead and teach the children right from wrong aids and abets a systematic control of the poor and minorities. Instead of encouraging the pursuit of education, society encourages the pursuit of false hope and dreams through get rich quick methods that essentially remove the rights of those who chose to pursue criminal behavior. Most are imprisoned due to criminal activity and having no fatherhood figure themselves, there is no sense of value to one’s life. This loss of the father figure not living in the home, especially in the African American and Hispanic communities, has a negative outcome not only in the community, but on society as a whole. Without the complete family unit to provide guidance, encourage the children to stay in school and avoid criminal activity, or to become a productive member of society; then our court systems will continue to provide severe punishment for minor crimes and negative social behaviors when the court should offer solutions to preventative crime and supportive services to those families whose members are involved in the vicious cycle of incarceration. Victims’ assistance programs should also support the families of the criminal, as well as the providing treatment programs and assistance to those. The majority of innovation and changes made to the court system over the past 30 years have been tested and administered in urban locales or focused on suburban jurisdictions, where a bulk of the...
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