Court Issues Analysis

Topics: Crime, Criminal justice, Law Pages: 4 (1432 words) Published: November 19, 2012
Court Issues Analysis
Michelle Capps
October 29, 2012
Troy Hokanson

Court Issues Analysis
Today’s criminal justice system has come a long way from when it first was established, but with no question there is still much work that needs to be done. The juvenile justice system needs to work at making sure that the juveniles get a better and faster justice process. The debate of the juvenile justice system and the effectiveness of it remains a huge controversy in debates. The issue of language interpretation is another of many issues causing a stir in the justice system. With all of the immigrants and people who do not speak English that come through the justice system there needs to proper interpretation so they can have a fair and unbiased trial. This would allow them to understand their charges and what could happen to them during trial. Then there is the issue of victim’s rights and making sure that they are not being left out in the cold and over looked more than the offender. All of these issues could be monitored better or ever fix if there is a strong foundation in the management that runs the court system. Communication between all parts of the criminal justice system would catch situations that may arise. Current and Future Trends Facing Courts and Administration There are many issues facing the criminal court system and the administrators today. One problem is the juvenile court system and if it should be done away with. This debate is ongoing, and looks to have no end in sight. Juvenile courts are nothing like the original concept that was formed years ago. Juvenile court was intended to help the young offenders get their lives back on the right track, but today they focus on harsh punishment instead of rehabilitation. The question do juveniles get the due process they are entitled to is a main subject being debated. When juveniles are arrested they do not receive bail, trial by jury, or the right to a speedy trial like an adult....
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