Court Issues Analysis

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  • Published : May 16, 2012
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Court Issues
Courts in the United States have a tremendous task of setting the standard for justice in America. To some, this task may be considered easy but there are those that understand that this job comes with an extreme challenge. Compound the rise in crime, budget issues and language barriers and one can see that the court systems are held together by a loose piece of thread. This paper however will focus on one of the several challenges that the criminal justice system faces regarding language interpretation while giving an in depth evaluation of victims’ rights and the impact it has made in court. Current and future issues facing courts and court administrators Preparing for the future is a challenge to any institution or department. It requires enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff and managers to set goals, expose challenges, and think of innovations. Court administers are responsible for ensuring that strategic occurs, and frequently. “Strategic planning has been defined as “a systematic, interactive process for thinking through and creating an organization’s best possible future. It is an essential element of sound management for any organization. Over the past two decades, strategic planning has become a fundamental component of court management in judicial systems throughout the United States and around the world” (Martin, 1992). How does a department such as a court that makes rulings based on past practices look forward for answers to future problems? A serious issue in deed, which needs a resolution and immediate answers. As aforementioned, the court faces many problems today. Due to the recent trends in criminal activity, this brings forth a major problem that the court system must deal with in the future. Violent crimes in the United States are on the rise, and with that come an increased workload for the criminal justice system. Currently staff, managers, judges and other personnel work long hours and are underpaid. Court backlog is...
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