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  • Published : March 27, 2013
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case number________

To Traffic Judge of santa ana's central justice center

Hello my name is ___________, I'm sure you get these types of letters all the time. I am 19 and i just graduated last June ,after graduation I then moved out to huntington beach ,ca i was with a long term girlfriend at the time, but anyhow i am not writting this letter as a beg for forgiveness or to clear my case. I was doing great until this ticket just got me off to a bad start after graduation. I graduated with three A's and two B's and one C, i am the only one in my family to have graduated and to be the first with my licence and my own car of coarse i didnt buy it my father baught it for me.

Okay will here it goes when i lived in huntington i was living with my girlfriend ______ at the time i was living out there for three months but been with her for two and a half years, well anyways one day i got stoped for speeding.when I was pulled over the officer said do you know why i pulled you over son , I told him " yes i know why for speeding but im so sorry i didnt realize how fast i was going i just sped up to pass a couple cars to get over ,my girlfriend just fell and poped her knee out of place at work i wasnt meaning to speed its just i have to pick her stuff up and go to the hospital " at that time she was working at panera bread in tustin wranch, i gave all my info and paper work to the highway patrol officer, he said my record was clear so hes going to write me a ticket and let me go and lets try not to have another accident tonight hope everything is ok. I had to move back to hemet because me and my girlfriend broke up, i then moved back and was homeless for two and a half months and my car was broke down i just fixed it but broke down again, I also just started renting a room from a family friend :) i pay them 100$ a month to live there and i get 200 dollors for foodstamps and buy my room mate a 100$ of food a month to...
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