Court Comparison Contrast Paper

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Week 2 Learning Team B Assignment Court Comparison Contrast Paper

States and federal court system


The state court system is diverse and each state has its own judiciaries. The state has organized systems of courts and special court groups. Inferior courts are the lowest level of state courts that includes municipal, magistrate, police, and county, justice of the peace, and traffic courts, sometimes informal with minor civil and criminal cases.

Superior court handles serious offenses known as state district court, circuit courts, and many others. Superior courts are by counties, hear appeals from inferior courts, have jurisdiction on major civil suits, serious crimes, and the nations jury trials occur.

The appellate court is the highest state court involving appeals of state supreme courts where appeals are heard from the state superior courts and sometimes has jurisdiction on curtain important cases.

New York is one of the largest states with intermediate appellate courts from superior courts and state’s highest courts with special tribunals of a wide variety mostly done by the inferior court level, such as juvenile court, probate, family, divorce, small claims, and housing courts. Out of more than 1,000 state courts and judges who are appointed or elected will handle the majority of trails in the United States every year.

Federal court

According to Article III of the Constitution, the federal court system is known to be the less complicated. The United States judicial power is the Supreme Court and occasionally inferior courts at times to establish and ordain by Congress. Federal judiciary divides in three levels.

The original jurisdiction in some cases of federal law is known to be the federal district courts and at the bottom with 92 districts, one branch in each state, in Puerto Rico, District of Columbia. There are one to 21 judges in each district.

The district court judges who are...
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