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Computer Networks & Software Systems
This second course prepares students for a career in a number of Information Technology areas and is suitable for students who already have good computer experience. The course combines the software and technical computing skills needed in today's challenging information technology workplaces. Students supplement their studies with work experience in a relevant area. Awarding Body

Further Education & Training Awards Council (FETAC) – Software Development Award Level 6 All FETAC awards are in the process of being redeveloped. At present, all information on this website is accurate but slight changes may be made to some awards to reflect these developments in the year of entry. Career Opportunities:

Successful graduates of the course can enter the employment market in the areas of computer programming, networking, web site design and technical support. Further Education:
Students who successfully complete the Computer Networks and Software Systems course may be eleigible to apply to DIT for entry into Year 2 of the B.Sc Degree in Computer Science. Minimum Entry Requirements:

Successful completion of FETAC Level 5 Information Technology Award. All entry subject to interview. Subjects:
Web Authoring
Visual Programming 
Systems Software
Personal & Professional Development 
Systems Analysis & Design
Relational Database
Object-Oriented Programming

Computer and Network Support Technician
This course is designed to give students the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to implement and support PC systems and networks. Successful graduates of the course can look forward to a rewarding and challenging career in this rapidly expanding field. Awarding Body:

Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) - Computer Systems and Network Award Level 5. All FETAC awards are in the process of being redeveloped. At present, all information on this website is accurate but slight...
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