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Question 1

1) What is farming?
There are two main types of farming practice in the Bahamas. Describe and explain fully how each one is do. Use the given map of The Bahamas to show (by shading) the areas where each type of farming is done.

Farming can be defined as the cultivation of crops, livestock’s and poultry. There are two types of farming, commercial farming and subsistence farming. Farming is practice throughout the Bahamas on islands such as: Andros, Eleuthera, Abaco etc.

Commercial farming is a large scale production of crops for sale. Commercial farming is practice throughout islands such as Abaco, Inagua, Long Island etc. There are three types of commercial agriculture namely; Intensive Commercial Farming, Extensive Commercial Farming and Plantation Agriculture. In commercial farming crops such as wheat, tea coffee, rubber, cotton, banana and maize are harvest and sold in the world markets. A technique used in commercial farming is Mechanized farming. Equipments used in commercial farming are tractors, forklifts, cherry picker, fertilizers and pesticides. Commercial farming includes livestock’s production and livestock grazing. This type of farming is mostly commonly found in advanced industrialized nations. The harvested crop may be processed on-site (or shipped to a processing facility belonging to the farm owners) and then sold to a wholesaler as a complete product, or it may be sold as-is for further processing elsewhere. Commercial farming is a progression from diversified farming, where the farming intention is to produce goods for a sale primary for wide spread consumption by other. Not all farmers fall into this category; many farmers are Subsistence farmers and farm with low technology simple methods. Extensive commercial farming started with the advent of green revolution. With the use of this farming pattern the world cereal production rose by 50 percent between 1970 and 1990. The main objective of commercial agriculture is achieving higher profits through economies of scale, specialization, introduction of capital-intensive farming techniques, labour-saving technologies, and maximization of crop yields. Commercial agriculture is a type of agriculture suited to industrial or post industrial economic models, in which most members of a population do not work in agriculture, are fed by others (the few who do work in agriculture), and purchase their food and fiber as consumers, with currency.

Subsistence farming is self- sufficiency farming in which the farmers focus on growing enough food to feed themselves and family. Most subsistence farmers live in developing countries.  The typical subsistence farm has a range of crops and animals needed by the family to feed and clothe themselves during the year. Subsistence agriculture emerged independently in Mexico where it was based on maize cultivation .The Arawaks were Subsistence farmers. Subsistence grain-growing agriculture (predominantly wheat and barley) first emerged during the Neolithic Revolution when humans began to settle in the Nile, Euphrates, and Indus River Valleys. Subsistence farming is carried out through the islands of The Bahamas such as Acklins, Cat Island, Mayguna, and Crooked Island. Crops such as corn, tomato, sweet potato, onions, and sweet pepper are found on subsistence farms. One Technique used on a Subsistence farm is the slash and burn technique. Equipments such as shovels, cutlass, and knives are used in subsistence farming. Subsistence farming continues today in large parts of rural Africa, and parts of Asia and Latin America. In conclusion, farming, both commercial and subsistence are practice throughout the Bahamas and its many islands. As we can see, farming is a big and very important part of our economy. Both farming has their difference and similarities.

2) Farming in The Bahamas has many problems. List and explain FOUR (4) problems farmers face in The Bahamas. Give suggestion to...
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