Course Project Week 7

Topics: Obesity, Sedentary lifestyle, Personal life Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Research Proposal Outline Paper
Nekens Colin
English 135
Jessica Jordan

Sedentary Lifestyles, the Resulting Health Crisis and The Choice Americans face. What can Americans do to make a sedentary lifestyle change? Despite Americans unhealthy habits and the obesity epidemic plaguing the Country, a change in sedentary lifestyle such as: Regular physical activities, and better eating in conjunction with a better diet are steps that can be taken immediately to remedy the situation and put Americans on the path of recovery. Research must be based on good academic sources and I plan on using The Devry Library, The Ebesco Search, as well as Articles and Publications that are reviewed by my Peers. › Library › Timetable for Research Project Assignments

Assignment related to the research paperDescription of and points for the assignment:Due date as indicated in course syllabus:Exact Date and time in MST: Research Proposal and OutlineFour part proposal and six parts outline (60 pts.).Week 4 in Drop box03/31/2013. 11:59 pm

Annotated BibliographyList and summary of at least five sources (100 pts.).Week 5 in Drop box04/07/2013. 11:59 pm First Draft of Research PaperDraft of first three sections of final paper, including introduction, thesis statement, and problem section (60 pts.).Week 6 in Drop box04/14/2013. 11:59 pm Second Draft of Research PaperDraft of final three sections of final paper, including solution and call to action sections Week Discussion topic 2 04/14/2013. 11:59 pm Research Paper PresentationThe format presentation of the entire paper (50 pts.).Week 7 in Drop box04/21/2013. 11:59 pm Final Research PaperEntire paper addressing feedback on first two drafts. It must have all six sections and include a References page (150 pts.).Week 8 in Drop box...
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