Course Project: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

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  • Published : April 3, 2011
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My course project is based on organization of Creative Images, Inc. Creative Images is a California based company in computer graphic design studio who’s affiliated with Hollywood movie production companies. Creative Images work very closely with their clients and well known clients are Pixar Animation Studios, Walt Disney Company, and many other animation movie makers. Numbers of intelligent computer graphic designers are working hard to meet the status quo on current animated production movies and projects for the customers in night and weekends.

The company is all about providing highest quality of work to world giant animated movie production companies and its well getting recognized by their customers. But only problem is that employees’ at Creative Images are not satisfied with their current benefits of their job since many people are subject to provide the project status and meeting deadlines which it requires for them to work nights and weekends without getting over-time paid.

I am a Human Resource analysis just recently got hired by Creative Images to provide the best quality assurance to employees so that all employees are satisfy with their jobs and benefits so that it increases employee’s morale.

I will be reviewing current job duties and functionalities so that their compensation and benefits are competitive with current market as well as provide them with incentives and rewards so that it increases employee’s morale and reduce number of high turnovers.

Problem Statement
The problem that Creative Images faces employee’s compensation and benefits package which it makes the company is not competitive and enjoyable work place. According to Human Resource’s firm wide hiring analysis, they have been showing increases of job turnovers in the past 2-3 years. During their exit interview, number of employee reported complains of their stressful working hours and have not been compensated for their amount of work that they provided in after working hours. After working excessive hours, their team or department did not recognized their showmanship for delivering high quality work and company did not award them or no creases in bonuses either. Since Creative Images are known for proving highest quality of work to their customers, in seldom, several other design studios who’s competition to Creative Images are trying to offer a job to elite and talented individuals from Creative Images to get the best people of for them. It’s causing the huge headache to the firm since many of them who left company are key employees who bring revenue to the company. To avoid any high turnovers, we need to provide very competitive salaries, incentives as well as reward programs to keep the Creative Images employees and bring higher standards and morale.

Literature Review
Creative Images does not provide Performance Management process as well as Rewards and Incentive programs which it develops skilled of people to achieve their capability to satisfy their ambitiousness and also increase employee’s morale. Based on employee’s performance review and the program, pay is based on the level of performance compared with the stated goals and objectives. In other words, the higher the level of performance, the higher one’s pay will be. Also need to review the current salary compensation at Creative Images is competitive to other competitors so that employees are willing to stay at the firm. One good place for salary analysis, I have visited the to compare the salaries with current market. For this example, I’ve selected Graphic Design Specialist, Sr level in Los Angeles, CA area for market analysis of their base salary as well as bonus and benefits. Graphic Design Specialist, Sr. - Los Angeles, CA 90071





BenefitMedian Amount% of Total
Base Salary$62,910...
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