Course Preference

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  • Published : February 9, 2012
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Chapter 1


Background of the Study

Having been a former high school graduating students, we experienced the same stress and pressure of choosing amongst the multitude of course to take in college. In view of this things, we decided to conduct a research regarding what courses will further their chance of getting a good career upon their graduation. We will make a parallel research having the pulp of the presently graduating 4th year students regarding their course preference, and a systematic research of the trending jobs in demand for the next four or five years.

It is considered as one of the biggest choice you’ll make regarding with your education. Career starts in when you enter your own field.

Thus, choosing your course is already the first step on your journey to a good


Before being admitted to a university, your course preference will always be

asked. Some chose their course because of some reasons like personal choice,

peer’s influence, parents’ decision, or because of economic demand. But what’s

the most important reason?

Aiming for dreams is easy, but fulfilling them is not. We must take everything into consideration.

Statement of the Problem

1. What were the course preferences of currently graduating high school


2. Were the courses that upcoming college students will take lead to their

employment, ultimately after their college education?

3. What were the factors that affect their decision in choosing the course?

Scope and Limitation

This study was conducted upon random students who are to enter college,

from which the students came from different high schools, this was to achieve an

unbiased result in course to be taken by correspondents, for they are just to pick

their respective courses as they are just about to be college freshmen. The study

also included students from high school to...
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