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December 4, 2012

Dear Ms. Mullinax,

In reading this letter it is my hope that you will gain an understanding of the projects in this portfolio. I enclose four projects that I have completed in my English 1301 course at Cisco College. The four enclosed writing projects in my portfolio are a literacy narrative, the essay waiting for Guffman, a textual analysis essay, and a literacy analysis essay. I chose these essays because they show both my strengths, weaknesses and how much my writing has improved. As you read further in this letter you will see descriptions of each essay, and my strengths/weaknesses of each essay.

I wrote the literacy narrative "Reading in Colorado" essay to tell about a personal experience that influenced my attitude towards reading. My intent in writing this essay was to explain how much my grandparents influenced my reading. The purpose of this essay was to write a narrative that features your personal attitude towards reading or writing. My intent while writing the essay was to explain my attitude towards reading not just tell a story. While writing this essay I found myself writing more of the personal side to the narrative rather than how this experience influenced my attitude.

I think that this paper could be improved two different ways. First, is the way I organized the essay. It skips around from one thing to another. Secondly, I need to stay on topic better because I tend to ramble sometimes in this essay. This essay is great at keeping the reader drawn in. It also has a good introductory paragraph.

The in class exam essay waiting for Guffman we had to analysis the movie "Waiting for Guffman". We wrote about the terrible silence that plagued the town. How they kept it at bay and how they ultimately triumphed over the silence. When I wrote this essay I tried to answer the three questions as best as possible. You can see this in my outline which is behind the essay. I was writing this essay I lacked...
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