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Topics: Color, White, Red Pages: 35 (8970 words) Published: June 1, 2013


Chapter I

1§ Phraseology as a science of lexicology

2§ the ways of translation of Phrase logical Units with colors

Chapter II

1§ Symbolism of colors with translation into Uzbek language

2§ Semantic and stylistic types of colors and their analyses




The given Qualification is devoted to study of colour terms in phrase logical units and their translation into Uzbek language which presents interest both for theoretical investigation and for the practical language use.

So the subject matter of the given qualification paper is “Phrase logical units denoting colour terms and their translation into Uzbek”
The actuality qualification paper is directed to define the necessity of language learning on the base of comparative study and to show the main peculiarities of translation while translating the Phrase logical Units and Idioms with colours.

The aim of the research is the comprehensive description of colour terms, their functions and their rendering into Uzbek.
According to this general aim there were put forward the following particular tasks: 1) To translate the colors in phrase logical units into Uzbek. 2) To reveal the semantic field of colour notions.

3) To show the symbolism of colour terms from different points of view. 4) To reveal and describe semantico-stylistic types of colour terms. 5) To analyse the functioning of the colour terms in the context. The METHODS, used in the research represent the complex approach to the study of colour terms including structural, morphological, semantic, lexicographic, comparative, stylistic, contextual and cognitive component ways of analyses of the language unit. The Material includes:

a) Different types of dictionaries.
b) The scientific literature on translation, lexicology, typology, stylistics and psychology. c) The literature works of English and American authors.

The Novelty of the given research is determined by the fact that although colour terms as a specific group of words were repeatedly subject to investigation in different languages and different aspects mainly there were worked out the specificity of colour terms sales in different languages, the semantic-morphological parameters of colour adjectives the stylistic aspects of colour notions functioning, the history of appearance of certain colour terms in separate languages, the comparative characteristics of some colours in different languages, the models of colour terms formation as well as independent semantic field of colour notions but the systemic and comprehensive analyses of these language units and their translation has been taken for the first time only in our work.

The scientific value of the qualification paper is determined by the necessity of detailed and comprehensive analyses of colour terms in Phraseological units which form rather a big layer of many languages vocabulary and a very often used in literature fulfilling various stylistic or pragmatic functions.

The practical value of the research:
The material and results of the given Qualification paper can serve the material for theoretical courses of lexicology, stylistics, and typology as well as can be used for practical lessons in translation, home reading, conversational practice and current events.

The Qualification paper consists of introduction, two parts and conclusion which are followed by the bibliographic list of the literature used in the course of research.
The introduction gives proof to the choice of the theme of the research, determines the aim and the tasks of the research, points out the language material of the methods of its analyses, the practical value of the research and indicates the perspective for the further investigation in this sphere.

Chapter I presents the analyse of symbolism of colour, gives the description of semantic and stylistic types of colour...
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