Course Outline for T & D

Topics: Human resource management, Educational psychology, Evaluation Pages: 4 (746 words) Published: July 2, 2011

Course Outline, Suggested Readings & Scheme for Evaluation

Course Description
Learning and development is based on the assumption that employees are the most valuable resource for the firm. The mandate of the HR department is to develop and administer policies, practices, and procedures that will provide for effective training and development of employees. This helps in the achievement of organizational objectives and employees to maximize their career potential. The course provides participants with an understanding of the skills required to assess employee training needs, design and administer employee training and development programs, and evaluate both the efficiency and effectiveness of such programs.

The methodology to be adopted in the delivery of the above content would essentially consist of the following: 1. Lectures & discussions
2. Group assignments
3. Case discussion/analysis
4. Experiential exercises

Text Book:
Blanchard, P. Nick & Thacker, W.James., “Effective Training”. Prentice-Hall India, 3rd Edition, 2004

Reference Books:

1. Noe, A, Raymond., “Employee Training and Development”, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Ed. 4, 2008. 2. Lynton, R.P. and Pareek, U, Training for Development, Vistaar Publications, New Delhi, 2nd Edition.


Session 1: The Strategic importance of Learning and Development Reading 1: Six Lessons for the Corporate Classroom. HBS article Reading 2: Developing First Level Leaders. HBS article
Reading 3: Chapter 2 from prescribed text
Reading 4: Richard A. Krohn, Training as a Strategic Investment, SAGE Publications.

Pre class assignment: to be announced one week before

Session 2: Learning: Theories and Program Design Principles of Adult Learning Readings 5: Chapter 4 from prescribed text
Reading 6: Michael Reynolds, Learning Styles: A Critique, Management Learning 1997; 28; 115. Reading 7: Baiyin Yang,...
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