Course Outline 2015

Topics: Globalization, Geography, Demography Pages: 4 (1243 words) Published: March 30, 2015
GEOG 1017: Human Geography in A Globalizing World
19 January-2 May 2015

Wednesday 10:30am-12:20
Meng Wah Complex, Theatre T1


Prof. George Lin (Office: 1006, 10/F, The Jockey Club Tower; Tel: 3917-7023) E-mail:
Teaching Assistants: Mr. LIU, Tao
(Office: Room 825, 8/F, The Jockey Club Tower)
Course Synopsis:
This is an introductory course about the location, growth, and spatial transformation of human activities in a globalizing world. Important subjects to be discussed will include the main themes of human geography as a spatial science, geography of population and migration, technological innovation and cultural diffusion, the changing cultural landscape, and human impacts on the natural environment. Emphasis will be placed on the interaction between human society and the natural environment. The purpose is to provide students with the knowledge essential to understanding the patterns, processes and problems of human-environment interaction in the era of globalization. Lecture Topics:

1. Introduction: Themes and Fundamentals of Human Geography
2. Human Geography and Volatile Globalization
3. Human Population: Growth and Spatial Distribution
4. Human Migration: Causes and Consequences
5. Human Settlements: Location and Distribution
6. Human Culture: Languages and Religions
7. Human Economic Development: Measurement and Explanation
8. Human Impacts on the Natural Environment
Examination (two hours)
Coursework (Due on 1st April 2015)


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Knox, P. L. and Marston, S. A. (2013) Human Geography: Places and Regions in Global Context. New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.
Whynne-Hammond, C. (1993) Elements of...
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