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Topics: Marketing, Sociology, Decision making Pages: 6 (1388 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Siva Sivani Institute of Management, Hyderabad
Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) 2011-13
Course Outline and session plan


Faculty: Arijit SantikaryCredits: 3| Term: 3Sessions: 20( 90 minutes each)|

1.0 Objectives of the course

This course is another building block which further enhances students’ understanding of marketing management. Since the primary objective of marketing is to satisfy customer needs, a good understanding of how those needs arise and how consumers seek to satisfy them (i.e. consumer behaviour) is a must for effective marketing management. This course enables students to appreciate consumer behaviour from a variety of perspectives, including Cultural, Social, Personal, Psychological and marketing perspectives.

2.0 Class preparation and internalization of learning

A very basic level of advance preparation for the class is a must for this course. It is expected that participants will attend the class only after thoroughly reading the prescribed reading material, which, to be very fair, has been kept around 20 pages per session. Class room engagement is primarily to clarify doubts and to synthesize the participants’ thinking towards a holistic appreciation of consumer behaviour. PARTICIPANTS MUST CLEARLY NOTE THAT THE CLASSROOM ENGAGEMENT IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR READING THE BOOK. THEY SHOULD READ THE BOOK BEFORE COMING TO THE CLASS. They should also develop the habit of making brief notes of classroom discussions, expanding the same after class hours.

3.0 Continuous evaluation

In keeping with the expectations mentioned above, a large part of the continuous evaluation would comprise surprise quizzes and unit test to i ) ensure compliance with pre-reading requirements and to ii) understand knowledge about the content discussed in the class.

Quizzes| 25|
Case| 10|
Assignments| 10 |
Attendance| 05|
Maximum Marks (Continuous evaluation)| 50|
4.0Session Plan

Session| Topic| Page No|
UNIT - I: INTRODUCTION AND MODELS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR| | 01| Introduction to consumer behaviour Why study CB? Importance of Consumer Research CB and marketing management Models of consumer decision making | Page -8-18+70-71| UNIT - II: SOCIAL INFLUENCES ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR| |

02| Models of consumer behaviour Traditional models of CB (Economic, Learning, and Psycho-analytical, Sociological etc.) Contemporary models of CB - Engel-Blackwell-Miniard model| Suja R .Nair-CB Page no-33-48| 03| Culture, Social Class and Demographics etc. Culture (Meaning and values) Traditional and changing Indian values Sub-culture Cross cultural marketing and issues in cross-cultural marketing | Page- 261-276+ 278-282| 04| Culture, Social Class and Demographics etc. (contd.) Meaning of social stratification, Nature of social class influences, Characteristics of social class Influence of social class on saving and buying attitudes Social influences on CB (Role of reference groups, opinion leaders, Communications) Meaning and components of demographics Influence of demographics on CB Demographics and Social Strata Interpretation of demographic data and its applications in marketing | Suja R NairPage-265-274Handouts will be provided for demographics| 05| Reference Group Influences Reference groups and their influence on individuals Characteristics of reference groups Types of reference groups Important groups in the context of CB (Family, Friendship groups, Social clubs, Shopping groups, Work groups etc.) Benefits of reference group appeal to marketers Applications of reference group influences in marketingRevision and Unit Quiz| Suja R.NairPage-275-284Page-320-340Page-345| UNIT - III: INDIVIDUAL DETERMINANTS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR| | 06| Perceptions Perception concept-perceptual process-sensory thresholds & physical...
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