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Topics: System of linear equations, Final examination, Linear algebra Pages: 6 (1372 words) Published: February 6, 2013
University of Alberta
Department of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences

Math 125 Lecture S1 - Linear Algebra I
Winter 2013

Instructor:Christopher Marks
Office:CAB 581
Office Hours: MWF 12:30-13:30, and by appointment
Lecture Room & Time: TL B2, MWF 11:00-11:50
Course Web Page:E-Class (Moodle) - login with your CCID and password

Course Description:
Systems of linear equations. Vectors in -space, vector equations of lines and planes. Matrix algebra, inverses and invertibility. Introduction to linear transformations. Subspaces of -space. Determinants. Introduction to eigenvalues and eigenvectors. The dot product and orthogonality. Applications in a variety of fields, numerical methods. Prerequisites: Pure Mathematics 30 or Mathematics 30-1. This course cannot be taken for credit if credit has already been obtained in MATH 102, 120, or 127.

Course Objectives and Expected Learning Outcomes:
* To learn the fundamental concepts of linear algebra in * To learn topics useful in other disciplines; including systems of equations, determinants and eigenvalues * To communicate, both orally and in writing, the theoretical and computational concepts in linear algebra

Required Textbook & Lecture Schedule:

Linear Algebra, 4th Edition, by David C. Lay|
Textbook Chapter| Sections|
1| 1.1 to 1.9|
2| 2.1 to 2.4, 2.8, 2.9|
3| 3.1 to 3.3|
5| 5.1 to 5.3|
6| 6.1 to 6.2, 6.4|

Note: Additional notes will be given to cover Lines and Planes & Cross Product. There may be adjustments to this schedule.

Course Evaluation:

Online Homework | 10%| on Pearson; ”My Math Lab”|
Midterm 1 – in class| 20%| February 15th, 2013|
Midterm 2 – in class| 20%| March 22st, 2013|
Final Exam| 50%| To be announced|

Note: The date of the final examination is set by the Registrar and takes precedence over the final examination date reported in this document. Students must verify this date on Bear Tracks when the Final Exam Schedule is posted.

Percentage Scores will be converted to University grading system according to the chart below. Grades may be adjusted, by no more than one step in either direction, to account for exceptional grade distributions.

Course Mark| Letter Grade|
97 - 100| | A+|
90 - 96| | A|
85 - 89| | A-|
80 - 84| | B+|
75 - 79| | B|
70 - 74| | B-|
65 - 69| | C+|
60 - 64| | C|
55 - 59| | C-|
52 - 54| | D+|
50 - 51| | D|
0 - 49| | F|

There are five assignments on the Pearson website “My Math Lab”, which are worth 10% of your mark. Note that you are allowed five attempts at each problem. You may find an information sheet about the website on your eclass website.

In addition, before each exam there will be a number of additional assignments posted on eclass, along with the solutions. These assignments do not have to be turned in, but are designed to help prepare you for the exams. As incentive to become familiar with this material, each exam will have one question taken verbatim from one of the relevant assignments.

Any electronic equipment including calculators cannot be brought into examination rooms. Your student photo I.D. is required at exams to verify your identity. Students will not be allowed to begin an examination after it has been in progress for 30 minutes. Students must remain in the exam room until at least 30 minutes has elapsed. Missed Midterm:

A student who cannot write a midterm due to incapacitating illness, severe domestic affliction or other compelling reasons can apply for an excused absence. To apply for an excused absence, the student must present supporting documentation pertaining to the absence to the instructor within two working days following the scheduled date of the missed...
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