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1. Course Outline
COURSE CODE: LANG1002| COURSE NAME: Academic Reading, Writing and Research Skills| COURSE LEVEL: Undergraduate| YEAR: 2012-2013 | | | | SEMESTER: II|
HOURS PER WEEK: 3 | TOTAL HOURS: 45| CREDITS: 3 | START DATE: January, 2013| END DATE: April, 2013| PREREQUISITES: Successful completion LANG1001 (EDFN101B) – Written Communication| COURSE COORDINATOR:Ms. Gomatee Ramnarine| Phone: Office: 642-8888EXT: 29132Mobile: 765-6587| Office Hours:| Email:| INSTRUCTORS:| Office Phone Extensions:| Other Phone: | Office Hours:| Email Addresses:| Charmaine Brunton-Andrews | 29160| 765-5955| || Barbara Constance| 29135| 494-3400| || Salima Geetan | 25079| 356-1637| || Nicole Henry| | 710-5484| ||

Barbara Joseph| | 465-3372| || Nicaise Joseph-McKenna | 26446| 290-2419| || Lenore Lortie| 29146| 357-3354| || Kumar Mahabir | 28140| 756-4961| || Gomatee Ramnarine| 29132| 765-6587| || Kathleen Robinson| | 755-8008| || Nicha Selvon-Ramkissoon| 28144| 687-3154| || Tricia Smith| 32163| 744-2683| ||


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This course introduces students to the fundamentals of academic research and strategies for reading and evaluating written discourses. It also introduces students to the rhetorical modes of argumentation/persuasion and reflective writing. The core focus of this course is to sensitize students to academic reading and research conventions. It also exposes them to, and equips them with, the strategies for writing for different purposes.


The purpose of this course is to:
* Enhance and develop skills in critical reading and evaluation of written discourse. * Enhance and develop research skills (including, but not limited to, strategies for writing research papers). * Enhance and develop skills in writing argumentative/persuasive and reflective pieces.


At the end of this course, students should be able to:
* Understand and put into practice the fundamental principles of academic research. * Conceptualise research as a process (selecting a topic, gathering sources, evaluating sources, writing notes, writing an outline, drafting,...
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