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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Three Cups of Tea Chapters 8-16
Ch 8: In Ch 8 Mortenson is faced with the conflict of villages campaigning to get him to build his school in their village when he has already promised it to Korphe, he adds a bit of comical relief by exploiting his own helplessness in the situation, however he also emphasizes the point that the villages are arguing in pert from desperation, making the reader feel sympathy for the villages and promote a desire to help. Ch 9: Ch 9 introduces some suspense to the narrative, when Mortenson is introduced the consequences of his lack of planning, he now has to build a bridge in order to get his supplies to Korphe, overwhelmed he heads back to America to find his job and girlfriend gone, this scenario evokes sympathy this time not for the village but for Mortenson himself and expresses the fact that he is just a normal guy and truly needs help if he is to succeed with his project. Ch 10: In Ch 10 Mortenson is granted an extra 10,000$ to build his bridge and is back in Pakistan, he learns more of the customs and about life in the villages when he converses with a young man and attends a hunting trip, characters in this chapter are more developed and get the reader personally attached, also, while describing the difficulties of the hunt and other customs in the villages Mortenson promotes appreciation for the hardworking people of the villages and works on building up their images in order to “impress” the reader. Précis

In Chapters 8-10 of Three Cups of Tea Greg Mortenson describes some of the conflicts and hardships he faces while working on his project. Mortenson highlights these experiences by giving details of complications involving the people of Pakistan, his personal life and the complications surrounding the combination of the two. He addresses these issues in order to elicit sympathy and support from the reader and to provide a clearer image of the situations he has to endure. Mortenson targets the audiences personal...
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