Course Name: Introduction to Computers

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Course Name: Introduction to Computers

By | December 2008
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Course Name: Introduction to Computers

Course Code:

Course Duration: 16 Study weeks.

Credit Hrs: 3

Course Team: Hammad Mushtaq

Course Description:

The basic aim of this course is to provide comprehensive orientation to all the major aspects of computer science. Students will get useful information about how computer revolution has changed the way we live and emerged into a new field of study in the stream of sciences. The Course will help students to develop a comprehensive understanding about computer science subjects such as computer systems development, software engineering, programming languages, databases and computer networks.

Pre-Requisites: None

Co-Requisites: None

Course Goals:

G-1. Familiarize the student with basic computing concepts such as computer processing storage and software. 20% G-2. Develop understanding about System software with comparison of multiprogramming, multithreading and multiprocessing operating system and other software categories. 15% G-3. .Develop understanding about the computer networks and web based applications

G-4. Familiarize students about programming languages, SDLC, Software engineering and Project Management. Programming algorithms basics and problem solving practices i.e. pseudo coding.
G-5. Develop understanding about DBMS and hands on practice of MS tools. Number systems & social implications of computers. 20%

Course Outline and Schedule:

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