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MBA Program

LIST OF MEETINGS, READINGS AND CASES March 25 Culture Readings DT: Chapters 1 through 3 Osland, J. S., & Bird, A. 2000. Beyond sophisticated stereotyping: Cultural sensemaking in context. The Academy of Management Executive, 14(1): 6579.

March 26 Communications and Negotiations Readings: DT: Chapters 4 and 6 Sebenius, J. K. 2002. The hidden challenge of cross-border negotiations. Harvard Business Review, 80(3): 76-85 Article can be found online via Cases: Evans, G. (2003, reprint) Road to Hell. In D. Thomas (Ed). Readings and cases in international management: A crosscultural perspective. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage . Available via Study.Net Cultural relativity of management theories: decision-making, motivation and reward distribution. Ethical dilemmas in decision making DT: Chapter 7 (pp 145-153) and Chapter 5 Donaldson, T. 1996. Values in tension: Ethics away from home. Harvard Business Review, 74(5): 48-62. Article can be found online via Buller, P. F., Kohls, J. J., & Anderson, K. S. 2000. When ethics collide: Managing conflicts across cultures. Organizational Dynamics, 28(4): 521|Page

April 2 Readings

MBA Program

66 bsi-live&scope=site Cases Shay, Jeffrey P. (2001) West Indies Yacht Club Resort: When cultures collide. Reprinted in A. M. Francesco & B. A. Gold (Eds) International Organizational Behavior, 2nd ed. (pp. 401-415). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall/Pearson Education. Available via Study.Net Fryer., B. (2003) In a World of Pay. Harvard Business Review, 81(11): 31-35 (for class discussion only, no write up) Article can be found online via April 8 Diversity Multinational teams Virtual teams DT:...
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