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English Idioms for Talking about Money

Did you know that English can help you save money? The English language is full of advice on how to save for a rainy day. So if you are tired of penny-pinching, read on to learn the meaning of these useful expressions!

Penny-pinching. This expression means to save money, or describes someone who is unwilling to spend money. For example, I have to do some penny-pinching this month if I want to buy that coat! A penny saved is a penny earned. This means that not spending money is almost the same as earning it because it will still be in your pocket! The best things in life are free. A similar saying is Money isn't everything, in other words money can't buy the most important things in life, like love or friendship or health. Saving for a rainy day means putting away money for the future, or saving for an emergency. Penny wise, pound foolish. This expression describes a person who is extremely careful about spending small amounts of money, but careless when it comes to larger sums. A fool and his money are soon parted. This proverb reminds us that foolish people do not know how to hold on to their money! Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is a famous saying of Benjamin Franklin, meaning if you go to sleep early and wake up early you can get rich! Money doesn't grow on trees. This expression means that money is not easily obtained. Parents frequently tell their children this if they constantly want to buy things! Money talks. This is a modern expression which means that money is powerful, or that money makes things happen. In for a penny, in for a pound. This proverb has come to mean that if you start something you may as well finish it, even if you have to devote much more effort than you expected. The original meaning was that if the punishment is the same, people will commit the offence which brings the greatest profit Debtors are people who owe money to creditors....
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