Courage in 3-10 to Yuma

Topics: Thought, Man, Men Pages: 1 (378 words) Published: March 5, 2011
By Locky and Diggah

The dictionary defines courage as a build up of an emotion or adrenaline , to do something that involves you stepping out of your comfort zone. In the film ‘3:10 to Yuma’ we see numerous pieces of courage shown by numerous different people, even people you wouldn't expect to see it from. There is three perfect examples of this in the film, When Will Evans, Dan Evans son, builds up enough ‘COURAGE’ to save his father from being shot in the head by Ben Wade, by holding a gun to Ben Wade, even though he knows that if he gets a chance, he will disarm and possibly kill him, due to him being much fast than william, but he stepped out of his comfort zone to protect his father Another is when the vet builds up enough ‘COURAGE’ to hit one of the men being immoral to Ben Wade, by torturing him with small amounts of electricity to the chest, so the doctor hits one of the men with a shovel, which he would not normally do, because he is a quite a shy man, so he was stepping out of his comfort zone to help Ben The last extremely good part of the film that i think showed extreme ‘COURAGE’ not only in this part of the film but this man also showed it throughout the film for this reason, is the fact that even after everyone had left him alone to fight Ben’s gang in Contentions, Dan Evans still did not give up, just for the fact that he did not want to be a screw up to his kids and wanted to be looked up at by them, also for the fact that his family needed money so they could pay there rent and survive and start to be on the right track financially. But this showed extreme courage and was the stand out for me in this film, the fact is that it takes a man extreme guts to step out of his comfort zone this much. Personally, the film 3:10 to Yuma, I think portrays the thought of a masculine journey’s perfectly, due to the vast amounts of ‘COURAGE’ found in this film.

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