Courage Essay

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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Courage/Coward essay

For my character I chose Tom Robinson. He is one of the main characters and is the basis of the story “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Tom is sort of like the underlying hero in a way. He brought the Finch’s a little closer as a family as well. I think Tom had courage because he walked by the Ewell place (knowing the kind of people they are), also for sticking around after the accusation and not fleeing to somewhere to hide, and finally because he was innocent for the crime, and didn’t fight back when they convicted him.

Tom had quite a bit of courage to me for just walking by the Ewell house. Everybody in Macomb knew what kind of person Bob Ewell was. The fact that they lived at the dump is even more foreboding to go near their house. Not trying to sound too judgmental but that just sounds like a bad idea. So I do give Tom credit for walking by there as much as he did. “Yes. I’ve walked by there many times.” To me, Tom showed a massive amount of courage by staying around for his trial. At this time, many people would have fled and gone to a new place to lay low. Tom stuck around like a real man to await the judge’s decision. That takes guts. He could have easily of gathered his belongings and his family, then left and gone far, far away. “no quote.” When the judge sent the jury to go converse and make a verdict, Tom and everyone in the courthouse knew what was coming. They all knew Tom was going to jail. It was a one sided case from the was one man against a whole town. I believe Tom showed a great deal of courage for keeping his composer and staying calm through the trial. “Mr. Tate left the room and returned with Tom Robinson. He steered Tom to his place beside Atticus and stood there.” I do, however, think Tom was slightly a coward for one reason. I believ he should have spoken his mind with more emotion and force. If he had shown his true emotions about the situation, he might have had a better chance of being let go. Emotions...