Courage and Success

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  • Published : January 14, 2013
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It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; it is because we do not dare because they are difficult.”-SENECA Success, ultimately, essentially and above everything else, fully depends on the ability, boldness as well as courage for completion of any work. Stamina of mind, willpower, dedication and perseverance stimulate the boldness and courage and create ability which makes a man successful. The starting point of success, truly then is positive thinking, faith in self with hope and optimism. In this world, everything is possible by dint of ability, dogged determination and willpower. Ability to face any challenge coupled with motto, concentration on a single objective, dedication and devotion to attaining success. Never bother about the results, keep on going even if the pace is slow and ensure that it remains steady. We are bound to face obstacles en route to success, but with courage and boldness, these could be overcome smoothly. Positive attitude and clear frame of mind determine our future. In this world of action, there is no such thing as CHANCE. By our own ideas, will and ability, we can create a number of chances, circumstances, and the desired atmosphere to reach the desired goal. Always and ever be a fighter and never be a quitter. Winners never quit, quitters never win. Impossible is possible for the person who traverses all labyrinths of failures bravely without getting frustrated. Faith works like a miracle. It looks beyond all boundaries, transcends all limitations, conquers all obstacles and carries us to reach goal. Therefore, faith, courage and boldness create ability and boost one to March ahead to achieve the ultimate goal. There cannot be any shortcut to success. The toil of years, the sweat of our brow, struggle you make everything counts in achieving the goal. Looking at the biographies of great men. We find that the most successful biographies of great men, we find that the most successful persons whether inventors,artists,scientists,technocrats,sculptures,leaders and workers, of any kind, all owe their success to their indefatigable hard work and dedication. When the greatest scientist of the past century, ALBERT EINSTEIN said,” I never think of the future. It comes soon enough”, he meant to express his preoccupation with the present and the importance he attached to it. In other words, he wanted to convey to us the importance of action which is always possible in the present itself. And every action calls for self-confidence; a belief in yourself; the conviction that you can do it. For instance, if you want promotion in your job, want to save money for some purpose or want to improve your score, you ought to first act as if it were possible, because it will alone give you confidence that you can do it. When you act as if some task were possible, you start focusing on it. Once you start focusing on it, you behave as if the event had actually happened. In fact, a great writer has expressed this idea in this way –“The best way to predict future is to invent it”. For example, if you are keen on getting a promotion at work, you start focusing on the opportunities. Those opportunities you might have missed if you had not focused on the promotion as a probability. In fact, experts are of the opinion that when you act as if something was possible or probable; you begin to send the message to your mind that you are seeking promotion. The natural result is that you start dressing, talking, feeling and thinking as if you were already the person you would beef you were doing the new job. This positive and focused behavior will set you up for success. The people will very easily notice that you are more upbeat and enthusiastic in your approach. Most likely, before you know you would have landed the promotion you had set your mind on. This implies that with your self-confidence and focus you have actually incented it. Man is by nature...
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