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Unit 3 Project: Crossing the Threshold
Brittany Byrnes
Kaplan University
CM107 College Composition

The Courage of Louis Wenthold

Many people have troubles defining courage and what it actually means to them. The word courage has many different meanings to most. Have you ever met someone that will put their own self in harm’s way to protect someone? Or have you ever needed help with something in life and can’t seem to overcome it? Courage to me is someone that will overcome their fears in life to help others. I have had the chance to meet a wonderful person. His name is Louis Wenthold, AKA my Grandpa! Louis is a very outgoing and loving person. He has been through so much throughout his life and he would do anything in the world for someone else. He is a very open minded individual. He loves every aspect to life and what is to come. Unfortunately his life came to an end and he is loved and missed every day.

Louis was born on May 22, 1937; he passed on May 9, 2011. He grew up in a small town called Cresco, Iowa. His parents were well known in that small town and he grew up in a very good hometown environment. When my grandpa was 16 years old he graduated from high school and joined the line of working on the railroad and also being involved in the military. He worked for the railroad for 47 years and while attending to his duties he also helped out on the family farm that soon became his. He married my grandma Betty and has 7 beautiful children. My grandpa and grandma also took on other responsibilities as well as what they all ready had. They started a home for young youth. He finally retired in 1998 and moved off his family farm to a small house in town. He always stayed busy helping out the town and his citizens of Cresco everyday he could. The children that he helped raised soon came to an understanding that Louis was always there for them.

In 2006 a small business that has been in the...
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