Couples Should Live Together Before They Get Married

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  • Published : November 21, 2012
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Rhea Belgrave
Ms. Pleming
English 1302_ 5
6 November 2012

Couples Should Live Together before Getting Married 
     In my mother's house it was never discussed whether I should live with someone before I get married. In Trinidad and Tobago it is a normal for a man and a woman to live together and not have plans for marriage. With this being said, my mother does not want me to live together with my boyfriend until after I get married. I believe that this can sometime break up good relationships. When couples don’t have to chance to live together while they are dating, it makes their first year of marriage more difficult than it needs to be. Couples tend to argue a lot, mostly because they are afraid and the possibility that have made a mistake by getting married. Living together before making your vows reassures couples of their lifelong commitment. I believe that couples should live together before getting married, so they can start to know each other on a closer view, more personal level; moreover, they can start thinking about the compatibility of their future spouse.    Couples start knowing each other on a closer, more personal level when they live together, which prepares them for a married lifestyle. For starters, you learn what your partner likes and dislikes, although this isn't always easy. There is a lot to discover about your partner and from your partner; the only way to do this successfully is to move in together. For example, does he like broccoli, a special TV show or sleeping with the windows open? Maybe he likes to spend the whole weekend on the couch watching basketball! Believe it or not, it's little details like these that can often make or break a relationship. Second, you learn what kind of bad habits you and your partner have and whether or not you can get rid of them. For instance, I really don't like it when people forgets to fill the ice trays, forgets to replace the empty toilet paper holder, or leaves the toilet seat up;...
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