Country vs. Hip Hop

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  • Published : April 18, 2011
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Country and Hip Hop Comparison
Many people who have no knowledge about music would think that country and hip hop do not have any similarities because of where their music originally began. However, country and hip hop do have several similarities that will be discussed in this essay. The similarities between country and hip hop are that this music both represents meaning and life stories in their lyrics such as love, drugs, sex, and alcohol, both genres are being judge by many people, and both have increase in female singers. These are several similarities that country and hip hop share in their music.

The first similarity that country and hip hop music has is it both shares the same meaning and life stories in their lyrics such as love, drug, alcohol, and sex. For example, a country singer like Tim Mcgraw has sung this song that has a lyrics that says “It's your love it just does something to me, it sends a shock right through me, I can't get enough and if you wonder about the spell I'm under, oh it's your love” (Mcgraw). This song is indeed tells a story about how Tim feels about the love for this girl. Like in hip hop music, Nelly’s song “Dilemma”, the part in this song were Nelly feels the strongest for the girl is when he says, “I plan to make this wah-one mi-i-ne.. and that's for sure cause I never been the type to, break up a happy home but uh, there's somethin bout baby girl I just can't leave alone so tell me ma what's it gonna be” (Nelly). Both of these artists’ are declaring their love to these women, but both in their own way. Another look into how similar hip hop and country are also the fact that rapper Nelly and country singer Tim Mcgraw collaborated together to make a number one hit song, “Over and Over”. This song was part country and part hip hop leaving both audiences to enjoy the opposite sides of music.

There is another similarity between the two genres of music is that both of these have been judged by many people. “It wasn’t...
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