Country vs City

Topics: Pollution, Noise, Noise pollution Pages: 3 (1072 words) Published: March 3, 2013
There are many advantages and disadvantages of choosing where to live, the country or the city. Many people think that urban living has more benefits than a rural home life. However, some people think that city living is a real life dream. The country air promotes a healthier and family-friendly lifestyle. While city life is more challenging and the air has more pollution. When given these choices we do not know which one to choose. If these were your choices which one would you choose? With all the contrasts between country and city, for people to find their true ideals, one must leave the city and go back to nature (Williams, 2001). Peaceful is a superb description of the country (Living, 2011). The nights and days are quiet; there are many birds, animals, and insect noises. Our family is visited by wildlife such as bear, deer, raccoons, and many wild turkeys. Housing in the country can be a small home, large home, a hobby farm to a large farm. When looking at housing costs and taxes, they are much lower in the country. One advantage is a big back yard, where children can play, have barbecues and let your pets run around. It’s quieter and safer than the city. Yard lights and motion sensor floods can be installed in the yards of homes to protect against crime. No heavy traffic, no sirens. Life in the country is simple and calming. First of all, families can spend free time fishing, hiking, four wheeling, and berry picking, or playing in the creek. The food is locally grown instead of being imported from outside areas. The country promotes a healthier and family-friendly lifestyle (Living, 2011). There is little pollution or the pollution is scarce, except for animal waste and that is recycled. We love living where we do. In case of emergencies a hospital is quite a distance away. A department store and a major grocery store is a distance to drive. A major complaint about living in the country is the job market. You will have to commute to the city for jobs...
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