Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Papar

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Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis Papar

By | November 2012
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Objectives3.1Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront global businesses.
3.2Determine the various roles that host governments play in global business operations.
ReadingsRead Ch. 12 of International Business.
Read Ch. 14 of International Business.
Read Ch. 15 of International Business.
Read Ch. 17 of International Business.
Review this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings.
Read the Week Three Read Me First.
ParticipationParticipate in class discussion.3
Learning Team
Country Risk and Strategic Planning Analysis PaperPrepare a 1,700- to 2,100-word paper in which you conduct a country risk analysis for your selected global business venture. Analyze the following risks in your paper:

Political, legal, and regulatory risks
Exchange and repatriation of funds risks
Competitive risk assessment
Taxation and double taxation risks
Market risks (four Ps)
Distribution and supply chain risks
Physical and environmental challenges to entering and operating in a target market
Social and cultural risks
Cyber or technology

Describe how you would manage these risks

Summarize your strategic planning process:

Define and clarify mission and objectives
SWOTT analysis of target country
Make strategy selection
Select and justify an appropriate mode of entry for your global product or service
Control and evaluation
Devise contingency plan

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.10

Week Four: Strategy Implementation: Finance and Marketing in Global Business
Objectives4.1Analyze global financing and exchange rate mechanisms.
4.2Identify multilateral and regional financial institutions that help foster global business.
4.3Identify various methods of financing global operations.
4.4Identify key foreign exchange risks and techniques to mitigate risk.
4.5Conduct a global...

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