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Country Report

By | November 2012
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Country Report
Zimbabwe- Berry

Physical Geography
A landlocked country of south central Africa, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) lies between the Zambezi River on the North and the Limpopo River on the South. It has an area of 390,580 square kilometers (150,804 square miles), with a length of 852 km (529 mi) WNW – ESE and a width of 710 km (441 mi) NNE – SSW. Comparatively, the area occupied by Zimbabwe is slightly larger than the state of Montana. Bounded on the North and East by Mozambique (1,231 km), on the South by the Republic of South Africa (225 km), on the South West by Botswana (813 km) , and on the NW and N by Zambia (797 km), Zimbabwe has a total boundary length of 3,066 km (1,905 mi). Zimbabwe's capital city, Harare, is located in the northeast part of the country. Zimbabwe is the world’s 60th largest country. Zimbabwe has a sub-tropical climate with a summer season of about eight months (October to April), with hot, sunny days the norm. Zimbabwe has reserves of metallurgical-grade chromite. Other commercial mineral deposits include coal, asbestos, copper, nickel, gold, platinum and iron ore. Historically, Zimbabwe had farming and tourism as its other main industries. Zimbabwe owns one of the best arable lands in Africa. In years with adequate rainfall, Zimbabwe is one of Africa's largest corn exporters. Quantities of cotton both for export and to supply domestic textile manufacture sharply expanded before the most recent drought. Rice, potatoes, tea, and pyrethrum are also grown in Zimbabwe.

Geopolitical Situation
Zimbabwe is looking for partners for a landmine clearance program along the country’s border with Mozambique which is hampered by lack of funding. The Zimbabwean army has cleared more than eight square kilometers of landmines along the border with Mozambique. Zimbabwe’s border areas were heavily mined during its 1970s war of liberation in a move meant to slow down the progress of freedom fighters crossing...

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