Country Product Brief Germany

Topics: Wind power, Renewable energy, Germany Pages: 8 (2173 words) Published: May 1, 2013
I Background information on Germany
The fourth largest economy by GDP in the world is located in the center of Europe and with a population of 82 Mio. the largest and most influential European economy. As a consequence of World War II, Germany was divided into the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic after 1949. October 3rd 1990 is the day of German Unity and the date is a state holiday ever since.

Germany is known for innovation, quality and advanced technology. Besides vehicle manufacturing, engineering and chemicals, environmental- and nanotechnology are among the most important industries in Germany. The most popular industry for international investors in 2011 was Renewable Energy, a quarter of all projects came from photovoltaic and wind energy. A significant factor for foreign investments in Germany can also be addressed to a high quality of education as well as highly developed research institutions.

II Background of Renewable Energy Systems Ltd.
Renewable Energy Systems Ltd. (RES) is a subsidiary of the Renewable Energy Systems Holding Limited and the main operating company relating to wind assets. The company’s headquarter is located in the United Kingdom and has operating offices in France, Sweden, Turkey, Southern Africa, Australia, the US and Canada.

Across the globe RES is one of the leaders when it comes to developing, constructing and operating projects in relation to renewable energy. Areas of operation are on- and offshore wind energy, biomass and solar power, on site renewables as well as renewable energy consultancy. RES is constantly expanding into new markets and exploring new technology, all projects focusing on their goal to build towards a sustainable future.

III Market Opportunity for Wind Energy
World wide the renewable energy industry is becoming evermore important as the rapidly growing world populations consumption of non-renewable natural resources increases. In Germany the renewable energy shares of electricity consumption has increased to 22.9 % in 2012, therefrom wind energy holds 7.7 %. Offshore wind energy shows the highest growth since 2009. (see Appendix 1 for detailed figures) Ernst and Young have developed indices on renewable energy, which rank countries by their attractiveness for investments in the industry. In November 2012 Germany ranked in second place after China, leaving the US behind in third place. Most promising field is offshore wind energy (see Appendix 2 for overview of all renewable indices for the first 15 ranks).

The development of wind energy technology is highly advanced and there is solid experience in using this form of technology. The German government aims to increase the share of wind power in electricity generation to 25 % by 2025. In 2012 2,439 MW, a total of 1,008 new wind energy turbines, has been added to the German grid of wind power. This adds up to a total capacity of 31,331 MW or 22,346 wind energy turbines. (see Appendix 3)

A high quality of education and human resources led to a solid expertise of planning and project development, in wind measurement, and in developing technical improvements to optimise turbines. Because the wind energy industry has a positive effect on national employment in Germany with the highest growth rate, the government will most likely support foreign investments in this field. As of June 2012 investments in new wind energy plants sum up to about 3 billion Euro resulting in a turnover of 1.4 billion Euro. (see Appendix 4)

Furthermore a survey of TNS Infratest asked for the acceptance of renewable energies in the German population. Results show that 93 % of the Germans consider the use and development of renewable energy important to extremely important.

IV Political environment
Since 1949 The Federal Republic of Germany is ruled by the Basic Law, which it received from the Allied Forces Britain, the United States and France after World War II. Furthermore...
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