Country of Origin

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Country of origin define by the country with which a firm’s associated typical it home country. Such as IBM company was associated in the United State and Sony associated in Japan. Consumer favour on the product from develop countries over those less developed countries. The reputation of some country appear creditably of competitor in product which the country is well known. Such as Red wine at France and Video recorder was producer by the South Korea. A positive or negative effect of country of origins can sometime be product specific. Russian automobile may have a negative image in the mind of consumer. But Russian vodka may have to positive response by the consumers. A Country of origin are not only limited for the product or consumer market, also for the services appear to be similar to those toward products. They have observed among industrial buyer as well. Buyer of industrial product in South Korea rated Japanese, German, and American suppliers higher than suppliers from their own country.

The issue of Country of Origin
The issue of country of origin have been complicated by the MNC produce product into different country, either the home country associated it product or where the product is actually made. A strong global brand may sometimes offset negative country of manufacture. E.g. When the Nigerian尼日利亞bought high technology product, they concern more on the country that made by important than the company name or brand of the product. Sometimes country of parts also affected of both manufacturing quality and overall quality of product. Such as the IPhone mobile, the parts are from china.

Managing Country of Origin Perception
The buyer attitudes to the countries can always change, and this is a very important for global competitor. In recent year, a number of countries have employed branding experts to help them project a better image. In Finland they undertook the sport activates to enhance the high tech innovation in order to help those...
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