Country Lovers Review

Topics: Romeo and Juliet, Emotion, Romeo Montague Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Country Lovers: Reading Reflection

Country Lovers captures emotion and imagination only in a way our human minds can draw for us that no television will ever be able to mimic. For me this story took a familiar feeling story and put a twist on it with a semi modern feel. Using a formalist analytical view the story was in a memorable setting, and had a classic plot. Along with the setting the author was able to use what seemed appropriate language use that added to the mood and theme. Overall my conclusion of this book is a good one.

I really feel like my initial draw to this story was the title. Being from the country myself, I felt like I might feel some similarities with the story. While that was my initial feedback it was not how I felt about it once I started reading it. Quickly I realized this was going to be a rehashed Romeo and Juliet story, and it was. It was in a different setting though and I feel that the author has a deep knowledge of the goings on in Africa. The setting was on a farm in Africa where there is a distinct class distinction between the whites and the blacks. The blacks were the labors and field hands while the whites were the rich wealthy land owners. As you can see this is where the Romeo and Juliet comes in; the big difference being the way that the author has taken the classic story and added an early twentieth century late nineteenth century feel. To be a Romeo and Juliet style of story there obviously is normally a tragic consequence. This part of the story is what really hit home for me because of the twist and modern feel. It doesn’t quite happen the same way. As with most Romeo and Juliet twists the tragedy is in the main characters. In this story however the two lovers grow apart due to the class distinction instead of fighting the system that keeps them apart. The tragedy comes in the unplanned pregnancy that they have. The girl tries to hide the baby from the father who has just come back from the...
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