Country Lovers

Topics: Nadine Gordimer, Mind Pages: 2 (737 words) Published: May 10, 2011
Country Lovers
Kimberly Robinson
ENG 125-Introduction to Literature
Katherine Ness
March 8, 2010

Literature is a wonderful journey that takes you into an imaginary experience that will take you away from your everyday life into an entire new world. Literature has a way of providing you with entertainment while educating you of many different facts and situations. It teaches you new perspectives to look at daily situations. You are pulled away from a living, breathing world into one that was created in the mind of the author (Clugston, 2010). From this week reading assignment I found an incredible story that captured my attention and just pulled me away. In Nadine Gordimer’s story, “Country Lovers” she uses many different methods to describe the meaning behind this story; in this paper I will provide insights on each method.

In Nadine Gordimer’s story “Country Lovers”, she tells a story of forbidden love on a South African farm. She starts by telling the story of how the little kids on the farms all play together but when they get older they go their separate ways because of their color. In this story race is a big issue and it is forbidden for those races to mix so whatever needs to be done to protect that will be done. At first insight the reader connected me to the story by telling of a white boy and black girl whose friendship grew into something so much deeper but they knew they couldn’t survive together. As children growing up we had this white family who lived across the street from us and we would play with them every day after school. But even though I did not grow up in the same time-frame as this story, they still went to separate schools from us because they we to private ones. But I can relate to Gordimer in this story because as we also became older, we stopped playing together and moved on with our lives. The different environments and level of educations separated us due to the facts that we did not attend the same school....
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