Country Lovers

Topics: Kill, White, Willow Pages: 1 (303 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Country Lovers

The river is the place to be yourself, there are no rules. Thebedi and Paulus can be together at the river. At the river-bed there is nice plants, with stinkwood and Cape willow trees.

In line 69 the text says that Thededi and Paulus not are afraid of each other. They are not afraid of each other while they are sitting at the river. The difference between the river and the farmhouse is that at the farmhouse they have to be “afraid” of each other. They cant show that they loves each other, at the river they can. At the river they do not have to be afraid of the political system or the adults life.

At line 109 the text describe how Thebedi slipped around in the farmhouse. It is not very cozy in there. Word like old smell, silent and the curtains where drawn are used in the description at the farmhouse. While reading, you are not having any intense feelings about the farmhouse, it is cold and cubicle.

The farmhouse is an illustration of apartheid. At the farm they have to fallow the rules of the society.
The school system Paulus have been through, teach the white children how to live in the society with apartheid. Paulus don’t give any thing for living with apartheid the first years of his life. He really loves Thebedi, even throw she is a black girl.

But unfortunately the school and adults teach him very well, and that’s why it ended up whit the baby killed.
The consequence for paulus is that hi had to kill his own son.
The political system they live in, in this story, do not allow Paulus and Thebedi to be together. Paulus cant live knowing that hi is father to a black girls child.
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