Country Living vs Living in the City

Topics: City, Rural area, Population Pages: 4 (669 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Living In The Country Vs. Living In A Big City

Living in the country or in a rural are is much better all the way around than

living in a big city. According to Suzanne McLaren's and Lisa M. Hope's article "Rural-

Urban Differences In Reasons For Living" , residents living in regional cities and urban

areas reported fewer reasons to stay alive than those in regional towns and rural areas.

People in urban environments reported less survival and coping beliefs when faced with a

suicidal crisis, less responsibility and concern for their families and children, and fewer

moral objections to the act of suicide. People in rural areas reported more positive

reasons to live such as family and child related concerns, etc. Therefore, it is a beneficial

discovery that people living in rural areas and towns that are less populated are at an

advantage during a suicidal crisis, due to the lack of suicidal tendencies. Also, according

to Arina Gertseva's and Jennifer Schwartz's "Stability and Change In Female And Male

Violence Across Rural And Urban Countries" , two durable criminological patterns have

been higher crimes rates in urban compared to rural areas. According to an untitled

article by: Case, Philip, Farmers Weekly, 00148474, 9/14/2012, Vol. 158, Issue 11, rural

residents are more than twice as likely to love the area they live in compared with city

dwellers, says a new survey. The article discusses the NFU Mutual report which found

that rural residents such as in Yorkshire, the North East and the South West in England

are more than twice as likely to love the area they live in compared with city dwellers.

The Countryside Living Index survey conducted in April-June 2012 involved

1,300 rural residents, most of which were satisfied with the cost of living, health,

education and the environment. Results from the Reasons for Living Inventory revealed

significant differences as a function...
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