Country Club Management

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1. There are 3 levels of management, Strategic, Tactical and Operational. Strategic consists of a small group of executives who manage the overall organisation. They create the goals, overall strategy and operating policies for the organisation. Tactical is being responsible for making the decisions on the policies and plans of top managers. Operational managers are those who supervise and co-ordinate the activities of operating employees.

The main activities and processes of a manager:
* Clarifying goals and objectives.
* Planning, examining the past, present and future; indicating what needs to be achieved and then planning a course of action. * Organising, analysing the activities, decisions and relationships required. Selecting staff and creating an organisation structure. * Motivating and developing people.

* Measuring and establishing targets and focusing on the needs of individuals.

Henri Fayol’s theory suggests that management roles can be defined as, planning, organising, commanding, co-ordinating and controlling.

Fayol’s Five Functions Of Management| Additional Information| Planning| Choosing an organisation’s purpose and determining the strategies and policies needed to achieve them.| Organising| Co-ordinate the activities and resources of the organisation efficiently | Controlling| Establishing performance standards, comparing performance against standard and taking corrective action| Co-ordinating| Harmonising the activities of individuals and groups with different ideas of what their own goals should be.| Commanding| Giving instructions to carry out tasks over which the manager has authority for decisions and responsibility for performance.|

Relation to the Joy of Chocolate case study:
Leon Houmond roles of management| Activities|
Planning| Leon was appointed as Head of Chocolate Department by Suzy Campbell, they would meet every Monday afternoon to discuss potential developments.| Organising| To emphasise the importance of everyone in the organisation working towards the same goals, Leon agreed to involve staff in new products with blind tasting, and also encouraging them to suggest a name for new chocolates.| Controlling| Due to Suzy Campbell being involved in the decision making on the creation of new chocolates, Leon’s morale and motivation dropped therefore he allowing his team to follow Suzy’s instructions. But the merging of J.O.C and CG Chocolates, led Suzy to make the decision of allowing Leon to oversee and manage the factory in Newcastle. Leon agreed, knowing it would rekindle his motivation and allow him to create and develop his own chocolate creations. Leon would be more involved in managing the business by developing new custom as well as creating the chocolate products.| Co-ordinating| Knowing that the quality and continued success of the firm depended on everyone contributing as an individual part of the team to achieive targets, Leon agreed to involve staff in new products with blind tasting.| Commanding| In his new role at Newcastle, Leon decided an area to be further developed was the corporate gift business, he realised the public sector were cutting budgets so he needed to consider other markets, he decided on sporting events such as, London Olympics and Glasgow commonwealth games. Leon recognized that J.O.C could offer unique chocolates that were related to the sporting occasion. J.O.C management team were excited by Leon’s proposal. |

2. One way in which organisations can measure managerial performance is by using qualitative factors. Qualitative factors look at the strength of motivation of staff, morale of staff, success in training and development and creation of a suitable organisation environment. By using qualitative factors to assess managerial performance, this will result in willing and co-operative staff members.

Another way in which organisations can measure managerial performance is by using...
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