Country Boy and a Redneck

Topics: Southern United States, English-language films, Hillbilly Pages: 1 (412 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Many people believe that a country boy and a redneck are one in its own. In fact they are very different. Stereotypes are common especially when it comes to a way people interact with each other. Country people and rednecks in societies view are looked down upon by most people. People need to be able to tell the difference between a country boy and a redneck. A country boy is simply a small town resident who works on his farm for a living. A redneck is the totally opposite of a country boy. A redneck is an uneducated and poor person living in the south and most likely works on a farm.

I met a county boy once before. He was a nice man who never wanted any harm from no one. His name was George and he grew up in the hollers in Kentucky. He told me how he grew up on his family’s farm and his job was to work the farm and tend to all the animals. He said that was just the way they lived. If someone didn’t take care of the farm and animals there wouldn’t be any food for them to eat.

A country boy is a hardest labor worker there is. He will work the farm all day and night if he has to. He will round up every last cattle there is because if one is left behind his work is not complete. A country boy never complains when his body is worn and tired. He will always be a provider for his family no matter what it takes. On the other hand a redneck is the most uncivilized person there is. He will rarely shower and stink of dip. A redneck always wears the same hat which is old, raggedy, and most likely camouflage. He always wears his boots no matter what season it is. A redneck always flies the rebel flag on his lifted up truck. He always talks smack and picks fights. A redneck is uneducated most likely because he dropped out of school. As you can see there are many differences between a country boy and a redneck. A country boy will always be inferior to a redneck. Most people believe that they are the same. This is not true because the...
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