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Topics: Chinese New Year, Beijing, Chinese character Pages: 6 (2625 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Week 1
Day1 The first shot 26th,Jan sunny
It is my first time to writy diary in English.Forgive for my poor writing .I suddenly find it is difficult to construct an article and express my ideas properly. However ,there is no provement if I have no chance to use English .So I have a plan. I will keep diaries every day from then on. Welcome to supervise! This week I translated 6 articles reported in The Economist,4 for this week,2 for last week .It is a good way to improve my reading and broaden my eyes . "Press freedom Street politics "talks about the incident of the watering-down of a feisty New Year’s message which was preparing to run in Southern Weekend latest edition.The new trigged several gatherings in Guangdong Province.Police appeared unruffled.People were surprised with the free gartherings that never happened before. People on the Internet were abruze.They would have urged the Communist Party to uphold the Chinese constitution and the freedoms it purportedly guarantees. The second interpret is about the air pollution in China.The citizens in Beijin were impatient about the dash roar readings of air pollution.For years,our country took more attention on GDP growth at any cost .Coinciding with the Growth and industrialisation , China has seen a more than five fold jump in mortality rates for lung cancer.Now,the air pollution overshadows other pressing problems such as corruption and infringements on people’s liberties.The authorities deserve to be blamed with their idea of downplaying the problem.It's time to take rapid action! James Buchanan, a Nobel prize-winning economist and the architect of “public-choice theory”, who died on January 9th, aged 93.As the government has played more and more important role in a country,He had an intense interest in researching on whether the government can play well. China and Japan are sliding towards war because of conflict with The Diaoyu islands(Senkaku in Japanese).The reporter asserts that in the face of repeated Chinese incursions,a Japanese reaction is understandable.On the other hand,it warns China should stop take crazy measures before it is too late. Johnson&Johnson,which is one of the most famous and biggest drug seller in America,encounted a big trouble of being serious problems with its ASR hips.The toughest American regulator in the world did't take an in time review. The last piece of translation answers a question that whether the Apple has peaked?Though the iPhones and iPads are still generate gargantuan profits,faces the stiff competion from Samsung ,the Apple is past its prime. I went home this weekend. I saw narcissus planted in the last week have boost several buds.These buds will burst in the Spring Festival. Time runs fast.I should move forwards even if the life is full of challenge .

Day 2.Comment and reply from the Economist 27th,Jan sunny I often read news from the Economist, but I never make a comment on it. But I did it today. One of my six translation called “The Senkaku/Diaoyu islands—— Dangerous shoals”which talks about the risk of a clash between China and Japan. It declared that the reaction from Japanese was understandable, Chinese are sucked in the feeling of ultra-nationalist .Finally, the author reminded us to remember the parallels happened in East Asian from a century ago.The world has a duty to warn China before it is too late. It seems that China is rougher and more unreasonable than Japan.I was a little angry about these sentiments. There are about 1500 pieces of comments. Readers dip into heat debate. Then I can’t help myself to make a comment, someone replied to me an hour later. I found it is very important to grasp English that you can express your ideas clearer can you get more information from abroad. Nothing can be compared with the clash of different thoughts . It is another Monday ,work harder and cheer up!

Day 3 30th,Jan
Every staff has to fill the form of the...
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