Country and City Life

Topics: Difference, Similarity, Convenience store Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: June 16, 2012
If you have two choices: life in the city or in the country, which one will you choose? .Some people think that city life has more benefits than country life; however, some people agree that country life is a real life like a nice dream: hearing nature’s music, seeing sights of the land and its beauty, and planting trees. Even though city living and country living might be considered similar as night and day, but for a broader perspective they both have some differences in conveniences, life conditions, and people's characteristics,

The first similarity is convenience. What is "convenience" to you? One might say immediately that this is only a characteristic of city life, but actually, it is not always true. For example, even though they both have convenient access to facilities such as hospitals, malls, restaurants, or church availability, still, they vary in time to commute to these facilities. In city, people’s accessibility to these facilities are closer in between 3-7miles while in country it takes longer, possible the closest one might be 12 or more miles to drive to. It is also true that they have better schools in the city and these are not wrong such as colleges, universities, and public transportation (metro) while there is absence of this in the country life but presence of high, elementary and middle schools in both. Both city living and country living offer conveniences, but these are reflect differently in time, accessibility to each other

Second similarity is life conditions such as Job opportunities, pollution, enjoy more entertainment such as sports, theatre, fine arts e.t.c ; however, Some people believed that life in city provides more Job opportunities than the country people. These are not wrong because you have much population in the city which calls for more companies with better salary earning while in country, you have fewer jobs available as well as better entertainment like movie tarven, theatre, museums, and zoos...
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