Countries Should Not Isolate Themselves from the World

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  • Published : March 11, 2013
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Countries should not isolate themselves from the world but instead engage to other countries.

From day to day the world is getting smaller due to the process of globalization. Countries nowadays engage with each other more than in the past on a cultural, political and economical way. In my opinion this is a very good change for the world and its people, therefore I agree with the statement above.

Firstly when countries engage with each other they create advantages for their students and educational programs. Students can go study abroad, learn new languages, new cultures and they benefit from foreign educational programs. For example through programs like ERASMUS, students spend time in foreign universities to their major, thus companies will have better trained employees, which leads to an increase in the particular national economy as a result. That leads to my second point that supports my opinion, economy. Countries make relations with other countries to fulfill their resources. Some countries, are not self sufficient in their food production, therefore it is necessary to import product from other countries. An example of that is Germany, which has not the geographical advantages to grow rice. Consequently it has to import its rice from countries like Thailand or Vietnam. Likewise it is the other way around, Vietnam or Thailand may need products or resources that Germany has got, therefore those countries support each other’s economy. My final point that supports my opinion is security. Hereby I am not talking only about the countries own security but instead about global security. World peace holds no less important in connecting all countries around the world. When countries are engaged to each other, they can expect their support for each other as well. A country that isolates itself is more likely to be in danger than countries that are ready to help others and receive support from them.

In conclusion, there are many reason why a country...
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