Countries at Low Levels of Development Face Such Huge Challenges That They Cannot Hope to Address Them Without the Assistance of the Rest of the World

Topics: Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, Africa Pages: 5 (698 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Darfur: International Conflict

|Location of Darfur: Dafur is a desert region in the far west of northern Sudan. Sudan is the largest country in Africa. It borders the Red Sea and 9 other African nations. | |Brief background: The population is 42.2 million, capital city is Kartoum, life expectancy of 56 yrs for males and 60 years for females. The GNI per capita is US $1,130. Population of about 6 million | |people. The North/south civil war lasted for 2 decades before the Dafur crisis killed over 2 million people. Decades of fighting have left Sudan's infrastructure devastated. Arabic is the offical | |language of Sudan, and Islam is the religion of the state. Large non- Arabic speaking and non-muslim population which has rejected attempts by the government to impose Islamic Sharia law on the country | |as a whole. | | |Economic |Social |Environmental |Political | |Causes of |The African rebel groups (SLA and JEM) |Refugees from Darfur say air raids by |Dafur- which means land of the Fur, many |Fighting in Dafur started in early 2003. The Sudan | |conflict: |wanted greater representation for their |government aircrafts were followed by attacks |years of tension over land and grazing rights|Liberation Army (SLA) and Justice Equality Movement (| | |communities in the Arab-dominated national|from Janjaweed, who would ride into villages on|between nomadic Arabs, and farmers from the |JEM) began attacking government targets, accusing | | |government and wanted increased funding |horses and camels, slaughtering men, raping |Fur. |Khartoum of oppressing black Africans in favour of | | |for Darfur schools, hospitals, public |women and stealing. |long history of cooperation between Darfur |Arabs. | | |services and a share of Sudan's oil | |Arabs and Africans The main conflicts have |Pro-government Arab militias are accused of | | |revenue. | |been over access to water and farmland. |campaigning ethnic cleansing against non-Arab groups.| | | | |Droughts in 1984 intensified struggles over |President Bashir took power in June 1989 in a | | | | |resources. |military coup against the elected government | | | | | | | |Impact of |Sudan has large areas of cultivable land, |UN estimate more than 2.7 million people fled |Janjaweed have campaigned to drive African |In March 2009, the International Criminal Court | |conflict: |gold and cotton. Its oil reserves are ripe|their homes ( refugees) and more than 300 000 |farmers off fertile lands in Darfur, have |issued an arrest warrant for President Omar al- | | |for exploitation. The conflict has held |have been killed in the conflict from a |burned African villages and deliberately |Bashir, on the charges of war in Dafur. | | |back economic progress. |combined...
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