Counter-Productive Behavior Index™

Topics: Harassment, Employment, Workplace bullying Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: August 22, 2009
Behavior Index™
Every single day employees don't show for work, steal cash and inventory, surf the web, e-mail on company time, and disrupt the workplace. It is burning up billions of dollars of profits and inventory each and every year. The Counter-Productive Behavior Index (CBI) is a contemporary integrity test - a cost-effective screening procedure for identifying job applicants whose behavior, attitudes, and work-related values are likely to interfere with their success as employees. The CBI consists of an objective questionnaire with 140 true/false items that can be completed by the job applicant in about 15 minutes. CBI is a self-scoring assessment available in both English and Spanish. The candidate completes a questionnaire which is then scored within seconds by the hiring manager or assistant. A manager's interview question guide is available. (Free with the first purchase). NEW! An online version called Candid Clues is available too. Candid Clues generates an objective report addressing degree of potential concern about the six major areas identified below, a measure of overall or total concern, and an assessment of self-serving response bias.

Counter-Productive Behavior Index is the most cost-effective pre-employment screening test to identify high-risk and disruptive work-related attitudes and behaviors: •Employee Dependability
Substance Abuse
Computer Abuse
Workplace Aggression
Sexual Harassment
CBI is the perfect solution for all size businesses. Saves time and money. How CBI Works
The basic meaning of the scores are as follows:

Dependability Concerns. Low scorers are dependable, conscientious, and reliable. High scorers can be undependable, careless, lazy, and disorganized.

Aggression Concerns. Low scorers handle their feelings well and are unlikely to be disruptive. High scorers can be aggressive, hostile, disruptive, and have poor control of their anger.

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